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My first piece of advice, if you are looking for a chiropractor, is to make sure that the chiropractor is registered with the General Chiropractic Council. This is the governing body that regulates the profession, and will ensure that the chiropractor is fully qualified and has had approved training.

My second piece of advice is to speak to the chiropractor before you book your appointment. A good chiropractor will be happy to speak to you beforehand, getting a brief history of your problem to ensure that they can help. I believe that this is important as Chiropractors can specialise in different techniques, and it is makes sense to find a chiropractor that uses a technique suitable to your needs.

Is there anything else that you would look for in a chiropractor?

I would suggest that a good chiropractor will spend 15 minutes or more for each treatment session which allows time to do the adjustments and then additional time to work on the muscles.

Ask yourself what is important to you – for example, should the chiropractor be local for convenience? Do they have card facilities, offer late appointments, or be registered with your healthcare provider so that you can claim back the cost?
I personally think it is important to connect with your chiropractor, so that you feel comfortable with them enabling you to fully relax and enjoy your treatment.

If someone contacted Soonius Chiropractic, what type of experience would they have?

At Soonius Chiropractic patients are welcomed with a smile, and made to feel at ease.

Patients also benefit from my experience. Having qualified in 2004, and registered with main healthcare providers such as BUPA, I have learnt different Chiropractic techniques. This means that I am able to adapt treatments to help people from different backgrounds with different problems. For example, I use a more gentle approach for the young, elderly or pregnant, or a stronger approach for chronic, ongoing cases of back or neck pain. I also have advanced qualifications in dry needling for deep muscular release and can refer for x-rays or MRI scans. I have a special interest in assessing the way people walk to prescribe custom made orthotics where needed.

How long are your treatment sessions?

Treatment sessions are usually half an hour, however some patients with more complicated problems will need longer. Patients will not be charged extra for this. I use the additional time to do massage, or address postural problems with exercises. I offer advice on diet and lifestyle and stress reduction, so that my patients get better quicker.

Are there any final tips that you can give when looking for a chiropractor?

Yes, there’s nothing quite like a personal recommendation. Have a look on the Chiropractor’s website to see if there are testimonials. At Soonius Chiropractic, we are happy to have many positive comments from satisfied customers! Check it out! I wish you good luck in finding the right chiropractor to help you in your journey to enjoying better health!