significantly reduce the consistent back pain I used to suffer

Andrea instantly makes you feel at ease

you have improved my quality of life by drastically reducing the number of migraines I get

to find myself running again in anything other than my dreams is truly amazing

I have had a pair of orthotics supplied from Andrea for several years now and they have helped significantly reduce the consistent back pain I used to suffer. I have actually just ordered another pair to put in my running shoes they are so good.


If you have back pain of any sort, I would have no problem in recommending Andrea. She diagnosed and treated a life long challenge I had. Amazing and I now have much more freedom of movement. Thanks Andrea.


My orthotics are now my best friend. I never leave home without them, wearing them every day at work as well as in my running shoes. I am running again without any pain.


The orthotics have really made a difference – I have practically given up taking my daily Meloxicam as I have much less lower back ache now – so they have really worked.


I’ve never been to a chiropractor before and after seeing Andrea I wish I’d have seen her sooner. I very often have injuries and a lot of tension in my body due to the high impact sports that I do throughout the week. I first went to Andrea for help as I had hurt my wrist. I ended up having my whole body looked at and worked on. It brought me so much relief and ended the pain that i was suffering due to my poor posture and injuries. Andrea gave me acupuncture ultra sound and gave me various exercises and advice that I could work on. I found her calming and she made me feel at ease during every session, she constantly explained what she was doing and why she was doing it. I have fully recovered from my injury due to the help and treatment from Andrea and have recommended her to my friends. I will definitely have treatment again with her when the need arises.


The message from the NHS had always been that I should never do more than careful walking. Imagine how delighted I was when within weeks of starting treatment with you I was walking long distances with my lovely dog without pain. To find myself running again in anything other than my dreams is truly amazing and I treasure every moment I am able to complete another circuit in all weathers outdoors. I have tried other Chiropractors since you left but you are such a difficult act to follow. None seem to have the right measure of expertise, encouragement and determination you showed and I can only hope you will, one day, return to your original role. If not, then the profession and its many clients will have lost a great talent and I am sure your recent experiences will only have added to your skills and given you even greater understanding of your clients’ difficulties.I can honestly say I believe Chiropractic treatment is grossly under-rated and should be available to all who need it.


Just a few lines to thank you for your help with the migraines that I have suffered with over the last 10 years.  Through your chiropractic treatment and the advice that you have given me to improve my posture and breathing, as well as stretching exercises to help with my neck problems that lead to migraines, you have improved my quality of life by drastically reducing the number of migraines I get. When I do get them I can now identify the cause and address it for the future.  Your clear explanations, advice and skills in finding problem areas have been immensely helpful.


Being an athlete for over 18 years I have been for many different treatments by many different people. A lot have been ineffective and costly but Andrea has been absoultely superb! She solved some knee pain I was having in one session which has been ongoing for years. Can’t recommend her enough.


I went to see Andrea with a shoulder problem and ended up being checked over from top to toe. In the few treatments I have had I have noticed a significant difference. Andrea goes the extra mile suggesting ways I could compliment her treatment and preventative measures for the future. I would strongly recommend Andrea to anyone.


When I initially had problems with my ankles and first met Andrea, I had never heard of gait scans or orthotics and was not sure what they could do for me. I had experienced problems with my ankles/tendons for years. After a few treatments I was feeling much better and in a lot less pain. Once my orthotics arrived I noticed a difference straight away. It felt weird at first, but I was basically walking straight! The problems with my ankles reduced and my sessions with Andrea became further and further apart. Lately I have been experiencing problems again (due to over doing it with exercise) and I returned to see Andrea for another scan. The new scan showed not worsening of my condition and in some areas improvement. Andrea explains exactly what the scan shows and how the orthotics will work and what would be best for you. She instantly makes you feel at ease and it is always a pleasure to see her. I know you can get cheaper versions of orthotics but they only last months (I had done this myself). Having them purpose made to suit your specific requirements may cost more but they last years, so the costs work out cheaper.