significantly reduce the consistent back pain I used to suffer

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Andrea Soonius B.Sc (Hons) Doctor of Chiropractic

Andrea Soonius qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2004 from the University Of Glamorgan, with a First Class Honours degree. She spent four years working in a busy chiropractic clinic in London gaining valuable experience. During this time she attended seminars across the world to develop her skills and techniques.

She holds a qualification in advanced dry needling (medical acupuncture). Dry needling is very effective for pain relief and has helped many of her patients.

She has trained in Sacro-Occipital technique, which is a gentle technique enabling her to help pregnant women. Andrea found that she really enjoyed seeing great success treating pregnant ladies, so went on to train in further pregnancy courses to give her the skills to help women at this important time of their life.

She also discovered the importance of faulty foot biomechanics (problems with your feet) and how it is linked to spinal and lower limb pain. This led her to specialise in Orthotic Therapy. Andrea uses an advanced diagnostic system called Gait Analysis to advise people on whether prescription made insoles can help reduce their pain.

In 2008 Andrea had a serious car accident. Her own injuries have led her to an even deeper understanding of pain and joint problems. Andrea says: “When I was seen by a therapist I wanted them to listen to me, answer my questions, take their time, perform a thorough treatment and give me additional advice if needed. I am a friendly, honest, positive person and believe that everyone should be treated with the highest level of chiropractic care. I am committed to helping people. My approach is to “leave no stone unturned!” I want to know what is causing the pain, and how can we get rid of it for good. I give advice on exercises for rehabilitation, nutritional, lifestyle and ergonomic advice. I can adapt my technique to treat people from all different backgrounds. I use minimal pressure so that people can relax and enjoy their treatment, and I always aim to achieve maximum results.”

Andrea Soonius