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Welcome to Soonius Chiropractic! My job is helping people to enjoy improved health and decreased pain. I’d like to share with you my background, as to how I came to feel passionate about delivering the highest quality chiropractic care to people in the Warwickshire area.
I’m a Coventry girl, born and bred! I was born in Walsgave hospital in 1982, and as far as I can remember, I always wanted to do something in the caring profession. I became even more interested in health and fitness, when I started a hobby trampolining. With a trampoline in my back garden, and hours of practice, I went on to become 1st in Britain for my age, and third in the world at the New Zealand World Championships! Being strong and healthy was incredibly important. Through trampolining, I learnt about exercise and good nutrition.
As I got older, I made a decision to leave my trampolining and concentrate on my studies. I was a hard worker. When I do something, I like to give it 100% and do it to my best. I got 8A*‘s and 2A’s at GCSE, then 3A’s and a B at A-level. Biology was my favourite subject, and learning about the human body was fascinating. My teachers encouraged me to study medicine at University, but during work experience, I had arranged to shadow a Chiropractor. I was amazed how people walked into the clinic in pain, and left feeling better. I knew then that this was something I wanted to learn how to do.
I left Coventry to study Chiropractic at the University of Glamorgan. It was a tough 4 years. Most other students were partying, but the chiropractic course was full time, with lectures and practical workshops 9-5 every day. Learning to be a chiropractor was one of the hardest things I have done. The education for chiropractors includes learning the anatomy of the whole body, as well as learning how to take and read x-rays, how to perform thorough examinations on the heart, lungs, abdomen, as well as of course, chiropractic philosophy and technique. The four year chiropractic degree is similar to medicine, as chiropractors are classed as primary health care practitioners. That means someone can walk in off the street with back pain, and we have to differentiate whether that person has a problem with the muscles, joints and nerves, or has something more serious underlying like a hernia, or even cancer. A GP once referred someone to me with severe low back pain, and I had to refer the patient back to the GP, as the patient actually had a urinary tract infection that
was causing the back pain. I had picked this up and diagnosed this by doing a thorough examination and a urine test.
In 2004 I graduated from university with a 1st class honours degree in Chiropractic. I got a job as an associate in a busy South
East London clinic, where I was mentored and underwent further training to be awarded my Doctor of Chiropractic title in 2005.
During my first few years in chiropractic, I realised that pain wasn’t straightforward. One person’s pain can be very different to the next, even though they were diagnosed with similar problems. I spent my time going on different courses to learn the best techniques to help people with their pain. I learnt a technique called SOT, which is a technique that I have found particularly helpful for pregnant women. I learnt another technique called Activator, which is a gentle technique suitable for young and elderly. I did an advanced course in Dry Needling, which is using acupuncture needles to release tight muscles, and is very effective for pain relief. I also travelled to America to learn something called Neuro Emotional Technique, which helps people address emotional aspects of pain. This is a very powerful technique and can allow people to realise the underlying
cause of pain that has troubled them for a long time. My biggest passion was learning about how our feet can lead to postural problems and pain. After all, our feet are our foundation! I specialised in prescribing custom made shoe insoles, called orthotics and I have since gone on to train other practitioners on how to do this.
In 2008 I was offered a job in Toowoomba, Australia. I liked the idea of sun, and I fancied a challenge, so I accepted! However, two days after buying my ticket for Australia, I had a very serious car accident. I had a head on collision with a HGV lorry and suffered multiple serious injuries including fractures to both my legs, everything in my right arm, my neck, ribs……hand….foot! But, it was the internal injuries that were more life threatening, and I spent just under three months in hospital.
It was during my following months of rehabilitation that I became to really, truly appreciate and realise the power of chiropractic. Doctors weren’t sure if I would walk again, but my chiropractic colleagues helped me on the road to recovery, doing gentle hands on treatment to get me feeling fit again. Alongside physio, I had chiropractic every week. Doctors were shocked at how well I was recovering, and I often get comments even today about how well I look considering what happened to me. I put this down to chiropractic.
Two years after my accident I felt recovered enough to set up my own business, so that I could use my experiences positively to help other people. I aim to provide the highest quality of care for every single person I see. I want to give people the type of treatment that I wanted to receive. I listen carefully, I always do a thorough examination on every visit and I give additional advice on lifestyle, nutrition and exercises. My philosophy is to enable patients to feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment, and then empower them to be able to make good decisions for their health.
I now run two busy clinics – one in Coventry and one in Kenilworth. I help sports people, elderly people, new mums, desk workers… People come to me with not just back pain, but neck pain, headaches, elbow pain, knee pain, and even bunion pain! I have a special approach to each individual person, as I can adapt the techniques I have learnt to suit that person’s needs.
If you would like to find out more about how chiropractic can help you or someone you know, then pick up the phone and call 07855 822 538 today.

I look forward to helping you soon,